Lace straps tanga /panties or fabric thong with lace on hips 


Shape informations : Lace Tanga shape is the same as shown on most pictures : an all lace Tanga with straps on hips

The Classic thong with lace on hips is shown on the last two pictures( As the purple one). Fabric on back and front center and lace on hips ! Fabric in purple color  for the purple Version and Black for the Nude/black Version

Do you want custom made for your lingerie ?

it does not change the price ! You just need to note your measurements in " Mesures " space

* Waist Tour in inch or cm

* Hips tour in inch or cm ( take these measurements at the largest part of hips : middle of buttocks )


It's optional but highly recommended ! You are a unique person with an unique body and you can be proud <3


Plus sizes informations : + 3 euros for XL size
Bra sold separately


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